Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

When you have already found a new home, and one of your decisions is to sell your old house, you will need a real estate agent to look for a sure buyer for you. Of course, part of it is browsing the web and hit for the best real estate agent “near me” hyperlink to redirect you to a real estate agent. However, checking their backgrounds is not enough to trust them. When you have tried contacting some real estate agents, the best part of getting the perfect one is by asking several questions and evaluate them to choose the right real estate agent to make a deal about the house.

How many clients have you helped?

Asking the number of clients is a great question to check if the real estate agent had closed many deals from the previous clients. The more clients he helped can serve as your basis whether you choose him or not. More clients mean he has the experience and is highly recommendable by others.

Do you have reviews and contact information from your previous clients?

Reviews from previous clients are essential to ensure that you got the right agent. The contact information will serve as your character references if you want to know more about how he worked with the previous clients. You might learn how professional he was before.

How will you negotiate on our behalf?

Negotiating is an essential part if you sell or buy a home in Florida. It is better to ask a real estate agent about handling negotiations to close a deal. You need a real estate agent with exceptional negotiating skills to ace the best deal; if the agent can provide a win-win situation between you and the buyer, better to hire him right away.

What is your competitive advantage?

Assurance is what you need for a real estate agent. Asking about his competitive advantage is a factor you need to ensure that you will get the deal you are expecting from the agent. If an agent cannot provide a competitive advantage to you, look for another one who can. This question is about how a real estate agent can pitch himself and offer the best services in a win-win situation.

What if I am unsatisfied with your service?

It is a tricky question you can ask to see if the real estate agent can escape your doubts and can turn tables into trusting him instead. It will show how determined the agent wants to showcase his services and how he can handle negotiations well to close the deal in a shorter time, assuring your satisfaction.

Reviews and recommendations may push you to hire an agent, but these questions can assure you that you trust the perfect one.

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