Premier League 2021-22: Top 10 Players to Watch Out For

Back in August, the 30th Premier League has started and will roll until May next year. With approximately 20 teams to compete in 380 matches, this season is undeniably the most anticipated tournament across the globe in history.


Football fans aren’t just the ones celebrating for this season but so are the bettors who are also predicting which team will end up victorious, with of course their money on the table of gambles. Singapore sports bet is going to be loud as ever again.


Here are some of the top 10 players bettors are eyeing on as these stars are expected to bring their respective teams to the championship this 21-22 Premier League:


  1. Kai Havertz (Chelsea)

A midfielder attacker from Chelsea Football Club, Kai Havertz has constantly influenced the club to its way to victory. In the previous season of Premier League, he was notably involved in 9 of the goals that Chelsea have scored. Havertz, a German pride is known to be an energy powerhouse who is considered to be potentially leading Blues in greatness this 21-22 season.


  1. Mason Greenwood (Manchester United)

Playing over 100 matches despite being a teenager, Mason Greenwood from Manchester United is the team’s long-term first-choice forward. Debuted when he was 17 years old, he had already scored 29 goals with ten team assists provided.

Greenwood has numerous impressive statistics that Ole Gunnar, Manchester United’s manager made to consider him as a natural finisher. He is also flexible, able to play in every position because of his abilities on the field, including an excellent sense of off-ball motion that makes him the position and strike a shot to the goal from a receiving end.


Aside from these two outstanding players, the current league is full of promising players that patrons of the Singapore online sportsbook might have some difficulties in choosing their favoured teams.


If you want to learn more about the top 10 players in Premier League 21-22 that you should watch out for, read the infographic below from 88ProBet.

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