How to Spot a Bad Window Tinting Job

People order a window tinting job to increase privacy, reduce heat and glare, and enhance aesthetic appeal. These services can be costly depending on the size of the work to be done. Minor building projects can start at $1,000, while car tinting run at the average price of $150 for small vehicles.

Because consumers pay a sum for the service, they should also receive a good quality output from the company. However, not all window tinting service providers can deliver top-quality output.

Supposedly, a superior window tinting Irvine CA job should have clean, consistent lines that are close to the edges. There should also be no gaps around the defrosted bars. Finally, they should prioritize the use of quality material to effectively block light glares and UV rays.

You will know it is a bad tint job if there are noticeable gaps and uneven lines. Today, installers can use a computerized template to pre-cut the film and to achieve a better fit. To know if the job has gaps, see how close the film is to the window edge. Gaps can also happen due to improper installation on windows with elevated portions like the defroster bars on car windows. A professional installer would know how to solve this challenge without creating gaps.

Another sign of a bad tinting job is feeling more heat from the sun, even if it is a darker shade. This is an indication that the service provider used a low-quality film. You can check if this is your case by placing one hand on the interior of the tinted window while leaving the other outside the sun. If the inside hand feels as hot as the one outside or there is very little difference, then it is not blocking infrared light.

Learn more about the telltale signs of a bad window tinting job and where to get superior-quality window tinting in Long Beach CA with an infographic from Kepler.

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