Top 10 B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies from Outsourced SEO

As the B2B market grows, enticing new customers while maintaining the old ones is crucial to every enterprise nowadays. Developing new strategies from the current ones plays a vital role in keeping every connection and potential customer or partner in touch.


B2B companies tend to rely more on outsourced SEO agencies since some effective techniques can be complicated or too time-consuming that these businesses fail to handle every project themselves.


Here are some of the customer acquisition strategies from outsourced SEO companies that are proven productive even in the long run:



One of the most straightforward strategies for any company, keywords are fundamental, especially these are what targeted clients use to find anything they need through online searches. SEO services provide B2B companies an effective keywords list that will attract many customers through online platforms and strengthen their digital presence, thus creating more traffic to a company’s website.



Approximately 86% of B2B executives give customer experience high importance; hence, more enterprises now ensure that their websites cater to every user’s needs and perform optimally to precisely meet what the users find. Page loading time, design or aesthetics, navigation, and links are vital to every website since these may affect user traffic as customer-friendly sites can attract more web users that are also considered potential customers.



Regardless of the season, evergreen content is one of those that can stay relevant to every reader or consumer. Timeliness doesn’t affect this type of content and has proven not to lose residual traffic level in any website over time. SEO service providers deem that quality evergreen content is essential to any SEO campaign. Evergreen topics also help in repurposing or refurbishing content, and it is an excellent way to acquire customers.


It is also crucial for B2B companies to plan first before availing of SEO services. This would minimize the project cost and find the best strategies to fit the company and its needs. Consulting with the best SEO agencies in the Philippines is the first step in succeeding with outsourced SEO.


To learn more about the top 10 B2B customer acquisition strategies from outsourced SEO, you can read this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

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