How Does Divorce Mediation Works?

Today, many couples are considering divorce mediation as it offers a less expensive and time-consuming divorce process. Consequently, mediation does not necessitate the presence of a lawyer. Many mediators advise against having a lawyer present because they are afraid that the presence of attorneys will add stress to the situation.

Despite many couples doing divorce mediation, some still do not know how does divorce mediation works. With that, here is what happens before and during the mediation.

Before Mediation

Prior to the mediation, you may like to speak with the mediator or an assistant to provide background information. Alternatively, your mediator may request that you fill out a questionnaire. The mediator may also ask you to produce a “mediation statement” describing your basic information as well as the divorce-related issues you believe need to be addressed.

The mediator may also request that you sign an agreement declaring that you will keep what is discussed in mediation confidential.

During Mediation

Mediation sessions are usually held in a conference room or a pleasant office unless you perform online mediation. Several mediators hold everyone in the same room for the duration of the mediation, while others separate the spouses for private sessions in different rooms. If a couple is represented by an attorney at mediation, the mediator may request a private meeting with both parties before commencing the session.

After the mediator has taken care of the session’s housekeeping, such as the agenda, you and your spouse will most likely be allowed to make a brief statement about your situation. The mediator may ask clarifying or additional questions after each party has had a chance to speak. Your mediator may request that you repeat or explain your words to ensure that they understand what you are saying.

Divorce Mediation

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