Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Thanks to the continuous development of technology, especially in voice AI assistants and intelligent interpretation, more people are becoming reliant on voice searches and changing how they search. Marketers will need to adapt to stay on top of the competition in their respective industries, and one way to do this is to outsource design work and SEO to experienced people.

The current content marketing trends can be difficult to adapt to for small businesses, especially with their limited manpower, so outsourcing is a cost-effective means to implement the new trends. Among these trends involve interactive content, voice search, infographics, and empathic marketing.

Small businesses could have a hard time hiring a competent graphic designer, and they’ll also need to invest in onboarding and training new hires and equipping them with the necessary tools, unless they hire a remote worker with their own equipment. Of course, this can still mean higher expenses unless they opt to outsource to an agency or freelancer. When small businesses outsource illustration services and SEO to experienced people, they can be sure to benefit from quality services.

Marketers can learn more about the current content marketing trends and why they need to outsource through this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

Content Marketing Trends

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