Helpful Tips for Nurses to Prevent Burnout

Nurses are considered the backbone of hospitals and the most overworked workers globally. If we look into nurse burnout statistics in the USA from 2018, 35% of nurses left due to burnout. Then in the year 2019, when the global pandemic started, the amount of work they must do to save many lives increased by at least two or even three or more folds. Leading them to the risk of extreme burnout. Fortunately, there are ways for nurses to avoid burnout. Continue reading to learn more on the tips for nurses to prevent burnout.

Getting enough sleep

A nurse’s sleep cycle is affected by their shift schedules, and irregular work hours can interfere with their sleep. In addition to disrupting their sleep, shift work may affect their circadian rhythms, leading to difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep.

Sleep is crucial for nursing, as it improves alertness, stamina, and mood. In addition, getting enough sleep keeps nurses from battling burnout. For this reason, nurses must get at least six to eight hours of sleep. Having power naps of 15 minutes as a break during hectic shifts can also help them maintain their well-being. They should also ensure that their sleeping environment is dark and comfortable. Understanding the definition of nurse burnout can also help them see early symptoms of it and help them prevent it from happening early on.

Having a network of people for support

Having a group of people to talk to and confide in can help nurses avoid burnout. This support network can be a personal connection, an outlet for frustration and a way to deal with stress. Having a supportive network is essential for nurses because it reduces the chances of depression and heart disease. It is also crucial to take time for self-care and nurturing yourself. Nurses should find ways to relax and practice breathing techniques to combat stress and improve emotional regulation. 

Need help with your physical and mental burnout lately?

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