What are Digital Business Cards and Why You Should Have One – Infographic

With the digitalization of numerous industries, traditional marketing instruments should evolve. Business cards, for example, have been introduced with electronic alternatives to make them more suitable and impactful for today’s marketing playground.  

An electronic business card functions the same as a typical business card. It holds basic information about the company or individual, such as their name, contact details, and industry or occupation. Except it is distributed digitally through URL links, QR codes, or NFC stickers.

Digital business cards are also not restricted to small pieces of paper. This allows the card owner to put as much information as they want. On top of that, the variety of content that they can include has widened. Photos, videos, and links can amplify the card’s advertising power.

Electronic business cards are known for their following benefits:


Usually, businesspeople always had to ensure they had their business cards. Forgetting to refill them could lead to missed opportunities. But with digital cards, handing out business information has become more convenient for users. It can easily be accessed and spread through electronic means like NFC cards UK, eliminating the hassle of replenishing your on-hand stock.


One of the disadvantages of physical business cards is that it was created solely for a single purpose. Using digital alternatives reduces the cost of constantly printing cards. On top of this, companies and entrepreneurs can utilize already present online marketing tools as their business cards.

The company website’s about page can quickly become a digital business card. Additionally, business portfolios, social media profiles, and advertising media can be included in the card, maximizing their use.

Contactless Sharing

Electronic channels have allowed business cards to be distributed through contactless sharing. This is valuable for individuals observing a remote working setup or companies looking to attract international clients. Digital business cards have removed the trouble of setting up a physical encounter before offering services to prospects.

Digital business cards are especially impactful when combined with the right supporting tools. NFC stickers are great options for those who want to distribute electronic business cards efficiently. NFC Tagify offers NFC-related products and services, including custom cards. Learn more about the advantages of using digital business cards by reading this infographic by NFC Tagify.

What are Digital Business Cards and Why You Should Have One

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