A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for your Business

Suppose you are the owner of a developing small business. In that case, you might be using spreadsheets to record and manage sales and accounts, and perhaps even the traditional paper time cards to keep track of your employees’ time for their payroll. But maybe it is time to upgrade your outdated system with QuickBooks and have a professional who passed the certified QuickBooks training help you.

But with so many ProAdvisors, how do you determine the right one? Aside from a QuickBooks training certification, what other traits must they have to qualify? This article will discuss finding the perfect ProAdvisor for your growing business.

What is your Industry?

It is easy to find a nearby ProAdvisor in your area –enter your city, ZIP code, or state. But, searching this way may yield hundreds of results, so you can narrow it down by indicating the industry you need. Some examples may include construction, agriculture, manufacturing, health, and many more.

What Kind of ProAdvisor do you need?

There are many different types of QuickBooks applications ranging from commerce to payroll. Depending on what your company is looking for, it is best to indicate the specialization you want to see in a ProAdvisor. A ProAdvisor with a dual certificate is best when you are in the research phase of your selection. At the same time, QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor is recommended for dealing with international business and advanced analytics.

Check Credentials and Client Reviews

One way to tell if your potential ProAdvisor is dependable is by checking client reviews on their profile. A QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s profile contains complete information about them, including their credentials, certifications, and software expertise. Make sure to carefully analyze every detail in their profile and compare them with other ProAdvisors.

If no reviews are available, you may contact the ProAdvisor and ask for references.

Talk to the ProAdvisor

After reviewing their credentials, reviews, and specializations, you can email your chosen ProAdvisor and ask them further questions. You may ask them about the number of businesses they have worked with, their experience, and how they will bill you for their services. You should let them know about your company, too, and inform them of your goals.

Partnering with the right QuickBooks ProAdvisor can significantly benefit your company’s growth. If you wish to learn more about QuickBooks and how to become one as a chosen career, you may visit COA Consulting Services and book a consultation today.

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