SEO TRENDS 2023: 5 Things to Look Out For

As 2023 approaches, SEO professionals hope that the SEO industry will continue to grow and provide more value to users on online platforms. Some marketers have insights on what will come in the new year for the SEO industry. Marketers from the best SEO marketing services providers can effectively adapt to these changes in the industry.

Core web vitals are one thing to look out for SEO trends in 2023. Core web vitals measure the website page performance based on real-world usage data. Companies need to take note of their website’s performance based on metrics such as the LCP or Largest Contentful Paint, FID or First Input Delay, and CLS or Cumulative layout Shift.

Aside from core web vitals, it is also crucial for companies to consider optimizing WordPress websites for speed. Website speed can affect business performance on online platforms. A slow and sluggish website speed can be a factor in customer and client loss which is why it is essential to fix and boost website speed without the need to redo everything on the website.

The use of AI or Artificial Intelligence continues to see popularity in today’s marketing playground. AI is so prevalent that Google’s “helpful content” update favors organically written content over AI-generated content.

While this update cannot fully identify if the content is derived from AI tools, the algorithm has gotten more intelligent as it focuses on online content’s readability and uniqueness. AI tools can still be used in content creation, but it is crucial to ensure the content’s readability, originality, accuracy, and relevance.

Another SEO trend to look out for in 2023 is mobile-first indexing which refers to the algorithms focused on mobile content. Mobile marketing strategies can help improve ranking, particularly mobile-friendly content, responsive web designs, and dynamic serving.

For more details about the different SEO trends to watch out for in 2023, here is an infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines.

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