Types of Wagers to Bet on Esports | Infographics.

ESports betting began when the world’s most popular tournaments started to attract huge viewing audiences on platforms like Twitch. Eventually, not only sports betting and Malaysia online casino

 are being hosted on reputable websites like CM2Bet, betting on Esports matches began to take off, and now millions worldwide watch them live regularly.

The most common type of esports bet is the money line, which involves placing a chance on a team or individual player to win a match. However, there are many other types of wagers on esports like:

Prop Bets

Prop bets are unique to each game, allowing bettors to place a wager on a specific outcome outside the match’s results. For instance, when betting on League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one can bet on whether the first Baron or Dragon will be killed in a specific match.


Unlike traditional sports, where odds are created manually and can take up to a few seconds, esports betting uses machine learning to calculate the odds automatically. These algorithms use data gathered through official rights-held tournaments to determine the probability of different outcomes.

The odds in esports can also be changed throughout the tournament based on roster moves and game chances. This is an excellent way to make the most out of the bets.

Banking Methods

Most licensed and regulated esports betting sites offer a wide range of globally trusted banking methods to deposit and withdraw funds. These include credit and debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies.

Everyone can try placing their bets through online betting in Malaysia and Singapore. People who wish to explore different gambling options can start placing bets on casino online mobile Malaysia. Just like wagering in Esports, casino games are also fun and profitable when done right. To know more about the rise of Esports, continue reading the infographic below from CM2Bet.

The Rise of Esports Betting

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