Top 3 Benefits of Taking Hot Showers

As a tropical country, the Philippines experiences constant humid weather. This prompts many of us to take cold showers to deal with the heat.

But many do not know that taking hot baths with a water heater bathroom shower provides various benefits to our health. Cold water allows us to cool down, but it does not have the same advantages as warmer drizzles after a long, busy day.

Below, we listed the top three benefits of hot showers that would make you want to look up shower heater price Philippines:

1. Good for Your Health

While cold showers provide a refreshing feeling after sweating under the sun’s heat, hot showers provide better health benefits.

First, hot showers can help lower blood sugar levels and burn calories. Scientists from Loughborough University recruited 14 men to participate in the study, asking each to soak in a hot bath for an hour. Bathing in hot showers resulted in burning as many calories as a 30-minute walk and lowered blood sugar.

Additionally, hot shower can relieve muscle tension and body pain, soothing any soreness experienced after strenuous activity. Hot showers also promote blood circulation and reduce headaches by widening the arteries and vessels.

2. For Your Mental Health

Caring for our mental well-being is as imperative as looking after our bodies. A gentle, warm shower is one effective way to manage stress accumulated from daily responsibilities.

If you do not have a hot tub to dip in, standing under the drizzle of your showerhead is more than enough. Hot showers mimic the therapeutic ambiance of a spa, especially if you pair them with essential oils and calm music. 

As your muscles relax and your temperature increases, your body releases the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. You’ll be able to sleep better and faster by taking a hot shower before bedtime.

3. A Beauty Secret

Hot showers may wrinkle your skin afterward, but they have a positive effect.

The warm water stays longer on your skin than cold ones, preventing those unwanted cracks caused by drying. 

Also, the heat from hot showers opens pores, allowing you to clean out dirt and toxins trapped underneath. This results in healthier, fresher skin that will leave you feeling clean after a bath.

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