Child-Friendly Attic Concept Ideas

There are many things that parents do for their children, and one of those is renovating their unused attic. Turning this space into one of a kind haven for them is priceless and a smart move to utilize an old space.

But what are some notable roof storage ideas that will be kids-friendly and can turn out to be something your children will like.

To help you with such matters, below are some of the tips you can steal:

Colorful Attic Spaces

With bright colors, your kids will enjoy their playhouse a lot. Choose vibrant colors that will entice them to stay in a tiny space. In this way, you can safely ensure they are in one area rather than going outside to play their favorite game.

Bedroom with Library Nook

Your children do not need to go to the public library to read what they want. Building them a bedroom with a library nook will help them enjoy reading at the comfort of your home. Since your attic can be a little suffocating, installing a skylight will refresh the room.

Multi-purpose Room

If you have many kids, turning your attic into a multi-purpose room will allow them to enjoy it even more. A coffee area, a cozy bean bag, a simple rug, and a homey feel will make them want to share it.

Just ensure you know what your kids want to avoid being bored in the attic. For instance, if they want to play board games, incorporate them. If they love books, add a bookshelf. Prepare what they want, and you will not have to worry.


Does your kid want to play some kitchen-themed games? You don’t need to worry where to put their toys as you can turn your attic into a kitchenette.

Compact attic does not have to stay that way, as you can utilize them to the fullest. You can turn the walls into a pegboard and use it as a pot and pan organizer. Just ensure you hire and get a reliable conversion service in your area; everything will be possible.

15 Attic Space Ideas to Spice Up Your Storage

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