The Benefits of Georgia Prefab Homes

So you have decided to invest in Georgia prefab homes. Provided that you get the right home, you will have nothing to regret. Prefabs have become very popular nowadays, and one of the reasons behind that popularity is that they help people save some money.

Before you part with your money to invest in a prefab home, there are various things you need to know. ┬áThe first one is that with a prefab, you are going to pay more than just the base price of the home. If you purchase your prefab home from a manufacturer who offers preset home plans, the base price of the home will includes construction, transportation of the units or modules to the final build site, as well as setting of the home on its foundation. You are free to tweak the builder’s preset plan, say by adding hardwood floors throughout the home instead of carpet, but at an additional cost.

Be prepared to spend a good amount of money for site work after the home units have been assembled – as much as $10,000 for installing a septic system and thousands more for utility hook-ups. You may have to pay over $12,500 to carve out a flat area on a hillside to build your house, clear large trees that may be on your property, and establish a propane hook-up.

Another thing to know about Georgia prefab homes is that they can be surprisingly durable. The module-to-module combination of the prefab units provides an inherently rigid system that performs much better compared to the conventional residential framing. This means that prefabs can hold up better in extreme weather conditions compare to the traditional stick-built structures.

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