What is NFC Tag, and How Does It Work? -Infographic

Since the start of the digital revolution, countless inventions have been made. One of these is NFC tags. This is an RFID-like technology that can be used in several different ways. You can use NFC cards to unlock a door in your car, get a hotel keycard password, or identify an employee in your office. Depending on the type of NFC tag, it can even be programmed to perform various tasks for you.

The most common NFC tag is a sticker with an antenna and a circuit. It has less than one kilobyte of memory. However, some NFC tags may have more than that. These types of tags can include various programming features like math operations and cryptographic hardware. Some of these types of tags may also be blank and rewriteable.

Most NFC readers are incorporated into smartphones but can also be found in other devices such as car center consoles, ticket machines, and payment terminals. They have a maximum range of four inches. The reader will energize the chip when you hold your phone near an NFC-enabled tag. This gives the reader the ability to read data stored on the tag without the need to open an app.

NFC tags are a great way to automate tasks on your smartphone. There are several apps that you can download to program a tag. For example, you can write code that leads your users to a specific web page. Or you can set a notification that pops up when a particular tag is used. Other apps can even be combined with automation.

NFC tags come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and capacities. They can be as small as a sticker or as large as a credit card. No matter the size or design, they all have a few things in common. One thing similar to all of them is that they have a tiny radio chip attached to an antenna that can be energized with the magnetic field of an NFC reader. This enables them to receive power from any NFC-enabled device that reads them.

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What is NFC Tag, and How Does It Work?

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